Carpenter?s dog


Every man is born into his own Garden of Eden. We awaken, and we simply find ourselves there.Oh, those are just the really wonderful years. Our childhood years. Yes, really everything is different then. The days are incredibly long, and we know for certain that we cannot be possibly disappointed in Mum and Dad., they do not hurt us, and they are always there for us. Friends are friends and promises are agreenments. The sandbox is always filled with sand and there is always food on our plates. Playing is never ending and holidays are a thousand miles long. We believe in people. We believe that no-one wants to take from us what is ours, we believe that people tell the truth, and that the rivers do not run dry, that the sun always rises, and that the starts always shine down on us. Then all of a sudden the loud slamming of the door of our private little garden of Eden indicates that we have grown up.