The author


Oliver Papp (b. 19 October 1975.) contemporary Hungarian author.

Oliver started to write as a child at the age of nine years. In the 1990’s had several of his books have already been completed, although they have never been published. Today, however, he is known as an author of several volumes of books, not only in Hungary but also abroad, among the Hungarian ex-patriots residing in the United States and Canada as well.  He lives a reclusive life in his house, deep in a forest, as he puts it, in the small world where his stories are born, a place where new and still newer visitors turn up to be written about. To read and to get absorbed in the world of his novels is a unique experience. Today, these kind of touchingly and beautifully written novels really have become a rarity. We can re-live the memories of the Trans-Danubian and Danube-bend locations, the goodness, and humaness of old friends and masters for example if we pick up the book „Home Bound.” His novels are unputdownable are clearly written and are free of superflousness, his writing focuses on the essence, and this is what revs up his stories and it is what makes them exciting and interesting. His interesting books include among others: „Before midnight Comes”, „Dreams’ shop” or „Carpenter’s Dog”.. Unputdownable psychothrillers full of extraordinary twists are born from his pen. According to the author his next novels will mostly be written in this vein.


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